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Our services

The services we provide are characterised by a very high degree of flexibility and an ability to tailor what we do to the needs of the client. Services range from the practical – finding funding – to the strategic – giving policy advice. We often work in cross-functional teams.

We are organised in the following core service departments:

We are not too proud to recommend other service providers if we think they are the best option. We have a very extensive European and international network.

About us


In association with their scientific partners, TuTech Innovation and Hamburg Innovation are especially active in the following fields: 

  • biotechnology
  • civil engineering
  • information and communication technologies
  • system technology
  • medical engineering
  • physical technologies
  • materials technology
  • production and manufacturing technology
  • aviation
  • maritime technologies
  • transport and logistics
  • applied sciences
  • economics and social sciences
  • environmental technologies
  • process engineering and energy technology

About us


TuTech’s offices provide an open and friendly working space, not only for our own staff but also for many start-up companies that use TuTech as an incubator.

We provide good facilities with full service support for organising and hosting workshops, in-house exhibitions and small conferences. We also have the TuTech INNOVATIONLOUNGE for meetings of a more exclusive nature.

TuTech acts as a Business Incubator for the starting phase of technology-orientated enterprises. With the aid of R&D-results and the technological know-how of its scientific partners, TuTech puts the various business ideas into commercial effect. Successful business fields are spun off into independence, in which case TuTech participates during the seed phase. 

In addition to this, TuTech meets all requirements that founders of innovative new businesses, in particular, could have with regard to a technology centre, for instance:

  • Facilities and infrastructure
  • Office communication and IT-services
  • Purchasing and bookkeeping services
  • Conference and congress facilities
  • Telephone, postal and dispatch services

About us

Why use us?

Fusing research, business and political interests is widely seen as the best way to support regional economic development. Public funding is available to encourage it. Knowing what is available and how to apply is one of TuTech’s core skills.

Managing projects that bring together the different interests of companies large or small – and researchers with the aspirations of policymakers – is a challenge. All three parties in this "triple helix" of innovation have different needs, values and working styles. At TuTech we have made it our business to understand how best to manage them.

Open innovation, where people from different backgrounds come together temporarily or long term, requires experienced professionals who can build communities quickly. We recognise the challenges involved, and we have the experience to know how to meet them creatively and in a manner that wins the trust of all parties.

Our business model is to be self-sustaining and supportive of people and processes that underpin the economy. We think of ourselves as a private company with a public mission. We receive little direct public funding, but use what opportunities there are to maintain our economic viability. This means we can operate independently of any specific political or private interest.

TuTech has a core staff of about 50 and a turnover of €16 million. The company was founded in 1992.

TuTech comprises people with many different sets of skills who are used to working as individual consultants and in teams to provide tailor-made support. Our work on many different assignments means we are very well networked both as individuals and as an organisation.

About us

Our clients

TuTech’s home base is Hamburg University of Technology, for which we provide continuous support, especially for research contracts with industry and European-funded projects.

We also serve many external clients in the private and public sectors in Hamburg and further afield. These include multinationals, small companies (both mature and start-ups), regional, national and European institutions, NGOs, public and private research organisations and, not least, other universities.

About us


TuTech has an exclusive cooperation agreement with the following organisations in the fields of technology transfer and contract research:


  • Christian-Albrechts-Universität - University Kiel

  • University of Bayreuth

  • Purdue University


    If your university is interested in cooperating with TuTech, please contact us.

    Logo_Tandem.png   Cross-university Hamburg Innovation GmbH, jointly with its sister company TuTech Innovation GmbH, provides the right link between science and business. Scientists, both university and corporate, have in these companies a competent partner to help them initiate and implement cooperation projects. 

    Hamburg Innovation GmbH (HI) and TuTech Innovation GmbH (TuTech) thereby also make up an important element in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg’s business development policy. With this knowledge transfer tandem including all of its universities, Hamburg is playing a pioneering role in Germany.

    TuTech handles HI’s business operations. Dr. Helmut Thamer is the managing director of both companies.