International Cooperation & EU Office

Workshops & training

Supporting people to make the most of knowledge

We like to share what we know! We are strongly committed to the notion that good researchers, innovators and those who have novel ideas should be well supported by professional services tailored to their needs and style of working. Skilled management helps people work together to achieve goals they cannot achieve alone. To this end we seek to raise the abilities of researchers and implementers of new ideas in “complementary” skills to equip them to further their careers.

Together with the Helmholtz Research Association and Oxford University, we have developed a compact skills training course in Research Management Training for PhD students  - ReMaT - that is much in demand.

Internationally, we are well known as a provider of high quality practical training workshops on various aspects of the Framework programme from conception to exploitation. We can offer these tailor-made on request. Clients include the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the Max Planck Association, and the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, Vinnova. Participants have come from both the private and public sector all over Europe.