International Cooperation & EU Office

Services for companies

Public funded programmes for supporting innovation and research greatly favour the participation of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). However, that does not mean they make it easy!

We can assist with finding appropriate sources of European funding and, drawing on the expertise of TuTech’s Technology and Funding Consulting, we can also point to sources of regional and national funding if that is more appropriate. In each case we can with writing the application or project proposal and with negotiations between partners as well as funders. Commercial confidentiality and intellectual rights are usually sensitive issues. That is why it is good to have an experienced partner at your side. We can also help you to expand your business opportunities by finding partners across Europe. TuTech is a partner of the Enterprise Europe Network, Europe’s largest network for technology transfer for business development support.

Our clients also include a number of multi-nationals who use us as a resource that can think "outside the box". Our extensive network of contacts to small companies and researchers in many different fields enables us to help clients innovate: innovation takes place at boundaries – where different specialisations meet – but where different cultures meet it is good to have an intermediary to act as translator!

As partners of the Enterprise Europe Network Hamburg - Schleswig-Holstein established to provide assistance in trans-national technology transfer, we can provide assistance with finding technology partners. We are familiar with the EC special measures for SMEs such the "Research for the benefit of SMEs" part of FP7, EUROSTARS and others.

With strong links to other colleagues at TuTech who are specialists in national funded programmes, we can also look more generally at what opportunities for funding exist from a variety of sources.